Welcome to social media…


Today I deactivated Facebook. I felt an instant sense of relief. I felt as though I’d been in shackles for years, and suddenly I was released, I was free.

Freed from being surrounded daily by a large group of overly insecure people. The pretenders, as I like to call them. Those who are forever trying to convince their followers and friends that their lives are a trillion times better than they actually are in reality. Freed from feeling the need to assure people I’m eating correctly by taking the perfect photographs of every dish, before I get to even enjoy my meal. Freed from feeling wrapped up in the pettiest of daily dramas, involving people that I barely even know.

I awake each morning, turn over and reach for my phone. I open my Facebook app and scroll through my Newsfeed as though it’s the morning paper. I go and write a pointless status, which nobody truly cares to read, yet they like it anyway to let me know they’re there… or in case they need a like returned on a status of theirs. I notice I have a few spelling errors in my status, I edit this because God forbid I make a mistake on this all important social media application that ironically applies nothing but unsociability- technically we should rename it non-social media. Because while we comment on that girl who we haven’t spoken to since high schools post, we forget to look up from our phones in order to catch a beautiful moment with a family member, or our child smiling as they create the most inventive games. I can feel other people’s bad spelling rubbing off on me, I’m beginning to notice it less and less… This worries me.

I sit one night and I calculate how many hours a day I must spend looking at my phone, browsing social media as if I’m searching for a needle in a haystack. I get scared as I multiply the hours in a day by the whole seven days of the week, I quickly put my phone down. I try to think of the last time I went a day without seeing a ‘selfie’ and then I try to remember the last day that I didn’t take a selfie. We spend so much time taking photos of ourselves, that we forget to take photos of the sunset,  or the sky- or even worse, we forget what it’s like to enjoy a magnificent moment to our full potential, so much that we forget all about taking a photo. Those were the days, because no photo could ever measure up to a memory in my eyes. 

I’m fed up of seeing photoshopped images of women (and men) who have clearly lost confidence in themselves, so much that they have to literally change their whole actual appearance in every image they upload. Sometimes I am so shocked when I see that girl who frequently pops up on social media, in person, because she is unrecognisable. And she is definitely so much prettier without the edited eyebrows and computerised makeup… while she walks the street naturally flaunting her mildly flawed yet glowing skin.

We have forgotten what it’s like to be REAL. People are so busy trying to convince the world that they’ve got money, that they’re living the life of luxury, that they wake up flawless and need to prove just how “BLESSED” they are… That they forget how to actually have A LIFE.

Read more books, read less Facebook. Drink green tea, take care of yourself, go to the gym without posting a gym selfie on every machine you’re about to use, take a walk in the park one day without your phone and you will realise just how much more you appreciate the birds in the trees, or the sound of children playing in the park, or the light breeze cooling down your face. I now realise that life is better when you aren’t living in auto pilot.

Be free.

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